Submission categories

We invite submissions of extended abstracts which are intended to be further developed as short or long papers inĀ  the following categories:

  • Position papers raising relevant questions in the workshop area, identifying problems and providing a glimpse of solution for a given problem. Representing a basis for discussion, a position paper does not necessarily need to include solutions to its stated problems.
  • Idea papers exploring the history, successes, and challenges of IS development from a socio-technical perspective. Contrary to short position papers, idea papers should provide the in-depth analysis of a problem, review its existing solutions, demonstrate insufficiency of these solutions and suggest new (not yet evaluated but well argued) solutions.
  • Experience reports presenting challenges encountered in practice, success and failure stories. An experience report should clearly describe the working context, and be focused on the problem and on the lessons learned. Long papers.
  • Research papers reporting original results in the area addressed by the workshop. A research paper should clearly describe the problem tackled, explore the relevant state of the art, describe the proposed solution and provide a preliminary validation of this solution.

After the workshop authors will be invited to further develop their abstract to a short or long paper which after review will be included in the STPIS 2020 proceedings.